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Big Changes

Hello everyone! It seems that every time I post to the blog, I talk about how I am going to be better at posting on regular basis, but it never comes to fruition. No promises, but I'll be spending more and more time on this side of the business.  2018...

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Rogue Candle Company produces the best candles money can buy. We use 100% soy wax, cotton wicks and high grade scents.  What sets us a part from any other candle company is that we make our candles out of recycled cans and bottles. At Rogue Candle Co, we are all about saving the earth and making it smell awesome, one candle at a time! 

Our products are so unique that our inventory is always changing.  Please don't fret, because we can make you a candle out of your favorite can or bottle with a scent of your choice.

Thank you for visiting our website and supporting our business.